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Current Research Projects

Patients are helping us unravel the role of different parts of the brain in cognition and behavior.

Intra-operative Speech Networks Study

We are recording the activity of neurons across connected brain regions, while patients are speaking. This study to understand how the brain plans and produces speech is funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative.


Responsive Neurostimulation for Epilepsy

We are analyzing data recorded by the RNS devices, which deliver intracranial electrical stimulation to suppress seizures in patients with Epilepsy.


Cognitive Neuroscience During Intracranial Monitoring

Epilepsy patients undergoing  intracranial monitoring can participate in research exploring questions like how we recognize faces and scenes, speech and language, sounds and music, smells and tastes. 


Sharing Research Findings

We are developing materials for sharing our research findings with patient-participants.  For example, our intra-operative speech networks participants receive a printed card that shows activity of their own brain cells, recorded while they were talking.

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