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PhD in Biology 

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 



University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Alan Bush, PhD

Co-Director, Brain Modulation Lab, MGH 

Research Scientist, Department of Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Bush is a faculty researcher in the Department of Neurosurgery at Mass General Hospital and the co-director of the Brain Modulation Lab.  


Dr. Bush has a broad interdisciplinary background and solid technical skills in computational modeling and data analysis. He has made significant contributions to diverse fields, such as molecular systems biology, motor control of vocal production, and human systems neuroscience. His research interests center on the mechanism of action of Deep Brain Stimulation, the physiological regulation of the Basal Ganglia, how these structures are affected in Movement Disorders, and their role in the motor control of speech production. Dr. Bush’s long-term research goal is to fill in critical knowledge gaps needed to develop model-based personalized neuromodulation treatments and improve the quality of life for patients with movement disorders.   

Google Scholar Profile 

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