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Clemens Neudorfer, MD

Clemens joined the Brain Modulation Lab as a research fellow in 2021. He completed his MD at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria and the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne, Germany. Following two years of neurosurgery residency he pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in Andres Lozano’s lab at the Toronto Western Hospital, Canada focusing on neuroimaging approaches to elucidate the local and network effects of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in movement disorders and psychiatric diseases. Upon completion, Clemens returned to Germany and joined the NetStim lab headed by Andy Horn at Charité Berlin focusing on personalized (symptom and disease-specific) approaches to neuromodulation therapy. In the Brain Modulation Lab, Clemens is involved in multiple projects covering the indication spectrum of functional neurosurgery, ranging from movement disorders to epilepsy. He hopes to translate modeling approaches from neuroimaging into the operating room and inform therapeutic strategies in clinical practice. He is also interested in bridging spatial transcriptomics with macroscale information derived from connectomics to causally link network function and dysfunction to molecular mechanisms.  

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