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Erin Donahue, PhD

Erin is the project manager of the Brain Modulation Lab and works closely with lab members and collaborators to plan and conduct the lab’s research studies. She received her BA in neuroscience from Hamilton College in 2018. While at Hamilton, she completed an undergraduate senior thesis in which she studied hippocampal memory systems in rats. Erin then completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Southern California in 2023. During her doctoral training, she studied perivascular spaces in Parkinson’s disease, and the impact of lifestyle factors including exercise and sleep on disease pathophysiology. She worked briefly in scientific communications before joining Massachusetts General Hospital. Her interest in the effects of exercise on disease trajectory stem largely from personal interests; she played volleyball in college and is currently pursuing an independent and unofficial research project on the impact of misery on exercise enjoyment through her interest in hiking and backpacking.

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