Mark Richardson, MD, PhD

Director of Functional Neurosurgery, MGH

Charles Pappas Associate Professor of Neurosciences, Harvard Medical School

Visiting Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

The Brain Modulation Lab's mission is to apply a systems neuroscience approach to improving surgical treatments for epilepsy and movement disorders. This work is facilitated by the comprehensive Functional Neurosurgery Center at MGH and collaborations with colleagues at MGH, Harvard Medical School, MIT, and Boston University.

Before bringing the Brain Modulation Lab to MGH, Dr. Richardson was Director of Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). His clinical expertise includes awake brain mapping, robotic-assisted surgery for both stereo-EEG and DBS implantation, and Responsive Neurostimulation for epilepsy. At UPMC, he established one of the world's leading intraoperative-MRI functional neurosurgery programs, encompassing DBS for movement disorders, gene therapy clinical trials for Parkinson’s disease, and laser thermal ablation for epilepsy, work which now continues at MGH. Unique contributions of the Brain Modulation Lab include the first studies describing simultaneous cortical and subcortical recordings during speech, and the first study describing biomarkers of therapeutic responsive neurostimulation for epilepsy. 




University of Virginia 


Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University


University of California San Francisco