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Congratulations, Zach!

This summer, Zach will begin his graduate studies as an MD-PhD student at the UF MD-PhD Training Program. He has been involved in a wide range of projects around the lab and we are very grateful for his time here. Since early on in his time in the lab, he has taken a special focus on our olfaction project, where we are studying the neural correlates of human olfaction with patients in the epilepsy monitoring unit. He has led efforts to construct and maintain our olfactometer and MATLAB task code, used to present precisely-controlled olfactory stimuli to the patients, and ran two experiments each with ten patients in the epilepsy monitoring unit. Zach also took a primary role in data preprocessing and analysis, culminating in a first-author publication that describes the gamma-frequency response to passive olfactory presentation for the first time in humans. Beyond the olfaction task, Zach has been a core part of our research team that runs a range of cognitive and behavioral tasks with patients in the epilepsy monitoring unit and operating room. In the neurology clinic, Zach assisted in the design of a clinical outcomes survey for recurring guided interviews of patients with responsive neurostimulation (RNS) devices and has conducted interviews with over 50 RNS patients along with his fellow clinical research coordinator. Zach has also supported our lab’s growing list of clinical trials by facilitating clinical appointments and site visits. We wish him the best on his future endeavors and look forward to seeing how he continues to contribute to clinical neuroscience research. 


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