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Caroline Neely, PhD

Caroline is the project manager of the Brain Modulation Lab and works closely with lab members and collaborators to plan and conduct the lab’s research studies. She received her BA in psychology with minors in Spanish and neuroscience from Wake Forest University in 2013. While at Wake Forest, she completed an undergraduate fellowship in the Emotional Adaptation and Psychophysiology Lab where she studied the effects of positive and negative social interactions on fear learning in humans. Caroline then completed her PhD in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience at George Mason University in 2018. During her doctoral training, she studied repetitive mild brain injury in mice and ionic zinc concentrations in the hippocampus and cortex. She supplemented her doctoral training with internships in regulatory affairs of clinical trials, and she was previously a senior clinical trial analyst at the National Library of Medicine prior to joining Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research interests in cardiovascular exercise and nutrition are mirrored in her hobbies of running, cycling, and eating donuts.

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