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Neurosurgery Clinics - July 2020

Epilepsy Surgery: The Network Approach

Edited by Vasileios Kokkinos, R. Mark Richardson


Approach to Epilepsy Networks


History of the Network Approach in Epilepsy Surgery

Ricardo Amorim-Leite, Madison Remick, William Welch, Taylor J. Abel


Networks in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Karina A. González Otárula, Stephan Schuele


Networks in Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

Niravkumar Barot


Networks in Posterior Cortex Epilepsies

Julia Jacobs


Epileptogenic Network Formation

Luca de Palma, Alessandro De Benedictis, Nicola Specchio, Carlo Efisio Marras


Diagnostic Surgical Planning 


Extracranial Interictal and Ictal EEG in sEEG Planning

Giridhar P. Kalamangalam


Semiology and Epileptic Networks

Aileen McGonigal


The Stereoelectroencephalography Methodology Applied to Epilepsies with a Visible Lesion

Jorge Alvaro Gonzalez-Martinez, Patrick Chauvel


Functional Networks in Epilepsy Presurgical Evaluation

Niels Alexander Foit, Andrea Bernasconi, Neda Bernasconi


Automation Advances in Stereoelectroencephalography Planning

Vejay N. Vakharia, John S. Duncan


Therapeutic Surgical Planning 


Interpretation of the Intracranial Stereoelectroencephalography Signal

Vasileios Kokkinos


Electrical Cortical Stimulation: Mapping for Function and Seizures

Gonzalo Alarcon, Lovena Nawoor, Antonio Valentin


Epileptogenicity Mapping: A Quantitative Approach to Identify the Seizure Onset

Leila Ayoubian, François Tadel, Olivier David


Neuromodulation of Epilepsy Networks

Nathaniel D. Sisterson, Vasileios Kokkinos


Decision Making in Epilepsy Surgery

R. Mark Richardson

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