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Congratulations Nathan Sisterson!

We are thrilled that Nathan Sisterson, a major contributor to the Brain Modulation Lab, has matched into the MGH Neurosurgery Residency Program! He will graduate from the University of Pittsburgh Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP), a unique five-year training program for medical students on the path to becoming successful physician-scientists. Nathan joined the Brain Modulation Lab in 2016, bringing his background in big data management and analysis as a data scientist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His research has focused on closed-loop stimulation for drug-resistant epilepsy, with an emphasis on the development of quantitative methods for evaluating device behavior and neurophysiological biomarkers for patient response. This work resulted in an analytics pipeline for processing closed-loop data to assist in clinical decision making as well as facilitating the discovery of both short and long-term neuromodulatory effects that have changed the way the field understands the effects of closed-loop stimulation. He plans to continue his work with closed-loop devices, exploring long term changes to neurophysiological dynamics in implanted patients, use of epilepsy monitoring unit data to inform implant location, and mechanisms of therapeutic response. His future research plans include contributing to the expansion of closed-loop brain stimulation for other neurologic and psychologic conditions.

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