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Congratulations to Brain Modulation Lab’s new Co-Director, Dr. Alan Bush!

Dr. Alan Bush has been a pillar of the lab since we moved to Mass General Hospital in 2019. During these years, he has supported and driven an ever-growing number of projects, including the study of cortico-basal ganglia networks involved in speech production, electrophysiological characterization of biomarkers for movement disorders, cognitive neuroscience, and human olfactory perception with participants undergoing intracranial monitoring, to name a few. Dr. Bush has been instrumental in establishing foundational components of our research infrastructure, from intraoperative research equipment to computational analysis pipelines and data organization principles. Furthermore, he has mentored postdocs, neurosurgery residents, master students, grad students, undergrads, and research assistants in pursuing their research interests within the lab, fostering a vibrant and productive research atmosphere.   


Due to his central role in the day-to-day leadership and his commitment to research excellence, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Bush will be the Brain Modulation Lab’s new Co-Director. 


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