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Vissani and Tafreshi receive the IOCDF Michael A. Jenike Young Investigator Award

Ali Tafreshi and Matteo Vissani have been officially awarded the IOCDF Michael A. Jenike Young Investigator Award sponsored by the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) foundation to investigate the proposal titled “Electrophysiological biomarker characterization in sensing-enabled deep brain stimulation (DBS) for obsessive-compulsive disorder”. This 1-year award will fund the investigation of chronical electrophysiological recordings in OCD patients implanted with a recent FDA-approved Medtronic DBS device that allows to stimulate and record the neural activity in a portion of the brain. In this project we aim at identifying neural signatures that reflect OCD symptoms in order to optimize DBS paradigms in this cohort of psychiatric patients. 


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