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The Full Story

Our Data

Our team is comprised of expert clinicians, scientists, and research staff. We're working on all fronts to treat patients and to develop cutting-edge research. Here, you'll learn how our team leverages a high-impact data strategy to produce innovations in functional neurosurgery.

This data ecosystem has been architected and maintained by our data engineer, Hezekiah Branch.


Data Collection

Our lab collects human intracranial data across multiple modalities including intracranial EEG (SEEG and ECoG), responsive neurostimulation (RNS), and deep brain stimulation (DBS). We combine intracranial and behavioral data to treat patients and develop precise hypotheses about the brain. Additionally, our team collects data from functional localizers through our partnership with MIT, referred to as the InBRAIN Collaboration.

Our Technology Stack

Cloud Computing​

  • AWS EC2 with S3 Intelligent Tier

  • AWS DynamoDB for Research

  • DABI Repositories for Data Sharing

  • Enterprise Research IS (ERIS) Remote Linux Clusters 

Data Sharing and Open Science

  • DABI Repositories for Data Sharing

  • MGB Secure File Transfer

  • BIDS Formatting for Data Sharing

On-Prem Infrastructure

  • Proprietary Data Servers

  • In-House PostgreSQL Server

  • BML Turbo and MSSQL managed by Dr. Nathan Sisterson

Clinical Data Pipelines

  • MGB Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) 

  • MGB Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) 

  • MGB Neuroimaging via ImageMover

  • Epic Systems with Clarity

  • REDCap Developer API

  • Airflow

  • Docker


  • Tableau Enterprise Creator License

  • Tableau Prod and Dev Servers


  • MATLAB Toolboxes

  • GitHub

Assistive AI

  • Azure OpenAI Studio with ChatGPT and DALL-E

  • GitHub Copilot

Image by Robs



Hybrid data ecosystem


Maximum data privacy


Advanced stack


Domain expertise


Flexible and scalable

Freshly-Updated Data

Our lab is regularly engineering high-quality data pipelines. We've developed internal databases to efficiently query patient data. As our data infrastructure continues to scale, we're building real-time data platforms for clinical and research applications. These developments are part of our larger commitment to data integrity and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Open Science

Our lab has collaborated with experts across the world, allowing us to explored uncharted regions of the brain. An important part of this journey is our commitment to open science. Through our continued work with DABI via the BRAIN Initiative, we host our data for experts to test hypotheses and analyze human intracranial data.

State-of-the-Art Tech

Our lab leverages a state-of-the-art technology stack, as described above. We develop neural signal processing toolboxes to process, analyze, and interpret brain dynamics. This complex orchestration requires our powerhouse suite of technologies, including high-performance computing, clinical research platforms, and custom tools for analyzing neurosurgical data.

Health Innovation

Through our unique combination of precision medicine and systems neuroscience, our expert team of professionals is dedicated to improving the lives of patients. We are continuing to pioneer in the health innovation space through neurosurgical interventions and the discovery of novel biomarkers in deep brain structures.

Have questions? Get in touch with our team.

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